I provide professional services for musicians, known for constant quality.

The services are affordable, and help you save time.

These include:

– Composing tracks or entire albums (including ghost writing)
– Mixing
– Mastering
– Remixes
– Arrangement

I work with following styles: Trailers/Movies, Dubstep, EDM, House, Trance, Dance.
If the style you want isn’t in the list – contact me to discuss your specific requirement.

In case of composing/producing music I usually work with 8-12 track albums.
I can either sell you rights for composed music (with no royalties required), or we can discuss royalties.

I am open to discuss you specific requirements via Skype/Google+.
You may also submit some reference tracks.

Please, check out Portfolio page to see some examples of my work that I am allowed to share.

You may want to know what are expected delivery timeframes, to plan your time.

Average time frames are following:
– Composing album – depends on album size and complexity. Usually approximately 1 month.
– Mixing — 2-3 days
– Mixing and mastering — 2-3 days
– Mastering — 1-2 days
– Remix — 7 days
– Arrangement(Writing 1 track) — 7-10 days

Actual timeframes depend on my current backlog.

Please, consider requirements from below when submitting your tracks.

 Mixing requirements:

Multi-track sources, 44100 Hz, 24 bit
Each channel must not exceed 0db peak
Describe track tempo (bpm)
Track preview in MP3 format and 2-3 reference tracks in MP3 format
Also you should:

disable all effects

name each track/file

Include MIDI tracks for instrumental parts

Mastering requirements:

Track must be at 44100 Hz, 24 bit
Peaks should not exceed -6 dB
You should disable all processing on master channel
Include 2-3 reference tracks Remix requirements:

Original track must be a multi-track, 44100 Hz, 24 bit or remix pack (WAV 44100, 24 bit plus MIDI and BPM)

Arrangements requirement:

Contact us for information. See list of styles at the top of the page.


We accept payments via PayPal, Western Union, MoneyGram and will provide you with details after you have familiarized with processed track fragment.

Please, follow the steps from below to send us the tracks to process:
1. Upload the track to or
2. Send us download links using Contacts form and supply comments as needed

We will send you a fragment of the processed track.
You will receive full version of the track immediately after we have received your payment.

We provide discounts to our regular clients. Volume discounts are available.
Please, contact us for a quote.